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About Scribble Blog!

Imagination flourishes when people learn about life through art and creativity. In many towns across the country, budget cuts have removed art from education. With Scribble Blog, we hope you can find it as a place to nurture creativity in your children and find new ways to express yourself as adults.

You will find all things creative at Scribble Blog, a virtual village of art, free expression and inspiring creativity. Originally conceived as an extension of Scribble Mats and Scribble Town, Scribble Blog is geared toward easy use by parents, caretakers, educators and children. Filled with meaningful projects that encourage creativity, self-expression and fun, Scribble Blog is perfect for adults, teens and kids alike!

We will be updating the Scribble Blog everyday so you can expect to see posts from guest artist bloggers, posts on local found art and ways to see art all around in your day-to-day life.  Craft posts may include tutorials on craft subjects such as food art, holidays, home décor, crafts for kids, crafts for adults and crafts just for fun!

If there is something you are interested in learning about of if you want some assistance on a how to make a certain craft of your own, let us know! You can reach us by writing your question in the green “Help Box” on the left. We would be delighted to hear from you and we’re happy to help!


About Andi, The Chief Scribbler!

Hi Scribblers!

Remember Mozart, Jane Austen, Picasso, Einstein, and Coco Chanel? Guess what? They were all early scribblers!

For me, it all started when I was a little girl. My teacher realized that I was having difficulty and put me into art classes to approach my learning disability in an alternative way. By expressing myself artistically, this gave me the insight that art is all around us and that you can draw your way out of any situation. Art gave me more self-confidence and an outlet to be creative. The confidence gave me courage to strive to work harder in other academics and the desire to set and achieve goals. For me, it wasn’t as much creating the art as it was about enjoying the process.

I believe art gives individuals new ways to see and understand things. Art can be useful for collaboration and for expressing individuality. It allows the student to feel good about themselves and helps them develop a fascination with curiosity. Based on my experience, I feel this can be adapted to every aspect of learning and can do amazing things for those with low self-esteem, those who are shy and those with learning disabilities.

My artistic background has propelled me into a career of creating art and producing products that help kids learn while having fun. I’ve spent the last 25 years creating one of the nation’s most successful kid-centric learning brands, Scribble Mats™. It’ success can be traced to the mystery behind a basic need inherent to all children. Scribbling is instinctive. A child picks up a stick and draws in the sand. It’s as simple as that!

It’s fun for me personally because by working with kids, I can see how scribbling contributes to a child’s brain and social development. Scribbling builds self-esteem and readiness for more of the difficult tasks to be learned later.

During a child’s cognitive development, the child discovers that scribbling creates an observable change in the environment. Kids love to take control of their world.

Scribbling stands out as a particularly significant tool creating a visible record for others to see. It is a crucial form of self-expression and a building block to learning and effective communication.

Healthy self-expression eventually leads to a variety of problem solving skills and it also proves essential to creative development such as drawing, painting, and writing. Leonardo DaVinci, Mahatma Gandhi, Joni Mitchell and The Beatles all knew how to scribble long before they could create the words and images that would shift our collective thinking.

I love to Scribble! I scribble while I’m on the phone, I scribble while I’m on the bus, and I scribble when I need to clear my mind. I scribble, I paint, I play with clay and work with anything else that gives me an outlet for self-expression. I will be posting my scribbles and artwork in the “finished projects” page and I hope you will share your artwork with us too.

I wanted to share Scribble town with the world because art and creativity is something I absolutely love and radiates from every pore of my body. It helped me so much as a child and I wanted to help individuals to feel the comfort of putting pencil to paper and the beauty of creating something from within. It’s truly a beautiful thing. I hope Scribble Blog will inspire others to question how they see things in the world around them and give them the confidence to imagine.


I hope you enjoy Scribble Blog!

-Andi Thea,
Chief Scribbler!