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Popsicle Stick Coasters

Nothing says warm weather like a nice, cold drink—lemonade, iced tea, iced coffee, fresh juice, even simply water… it’s all delectable when the temperature creeps up. But with that icy refreshment comes wood’s enemy… condensation! When your glass gets moist with little droplets of water, it’s time to grab a coaster.

Here’s a simple, summery craft to create your own coasters. You’ll need lots of popsicle sticks, glue, a paintbrush, and markers or paint (optional). Also some scrap paper is always handy.

Start by grabbing about 12 popsicle sticks. If you’re using markers, color in one side of each stick. Permanent markers will work best for this, but don’t be afraid of washables either (the colors will just be more likely to run). If you’d rather a natural look, just skip this step and leave your sticks naked, so to speak. To paint a design across all the sticks (instead of each individual stick), assemble the coaster first and then start painting.

Painted Popsicle Coaster

Photo: Jo-Ann (via Snapguide)

Now, arrange your sticks up so they’re in a straight, even line, colored side facing down—the underside should be facing up. Get your glue and other popsicle sticks. You’re going to glue these down across the assembled row of sticks (perpendicular). How many you glue is up to you—It could be one across the top and one across the bottom, two on each end, or for extra stability you can glue them along the whole thing. See what works for you.

Plain Popsicle Coaster

Photo: Uploaded to Pinterest

Once everything is dry, flip your coaster over so it’s facing right side up. If you left the top blank so you could paint a picture or design across the whole thing, now’s the time to do so! After that dries, you’re ready for the topcoat. Those of you who already used markers or preferred to leave the wood showing, get ready, too!

You can either mix glue and water to create your own sealant, or buy some. Take a paintbrush and paint it over the topside of your coaster. This is important since it will constantly be getting wet when used. If you used washable markers, here is where your colors will run—if so, embrace it! The running colors create a cool, homemade, even tie-dye effect.

Popsicle Coaster with Markers

Photo: No Time for Flash Cards

Let it dry one final time and you’re done! Try some different techniques and make a whole set of unique coasters. Now you can enjoy nice, cool beverages all summer long with no fear of water rings.

What are your favorite summer drinks to cool off with?

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