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Scribble Artist Interview with James Sugrue!

Scribble Town (ST): I hear loads of different sounds and voices when I look at the art of James Sugrue. Buzzes, boinks, and bonkers go boom boom boom! Let’s hear what James, a professional 2D animator has to say about where these great ideas come from :)

Drawings by James Sugrue

Drawings by James Sugrue

James Sugrue (JS): I love doing vocal impressions. Since 2010, I have worked with the prestigious Titmouse Studio in New York working on projects for Adult Swim, Disney XD, and Sony Pictures. I hope to someday bring my own projects out to the world because I love to make people laugh and smile when they had a bad day.

ST: Well, you are surely making people laugh and smile! Where did you learn how to illustrate?  What is your history with comics?  The comics you made from the 8th Annual NY Comic Con are super funny!

James Sugrue cartoon take on Comic Con 2013

James Sugrue cartoon take on Comic Con 2013

JS: I learned how to draw better at the School of Visual Art. My professors Matthew Archambault, Andy Gerdnt, and Steven Gaffeny taught me the foundation of good drawing skills such as finding the right shapes, forms, and techniques.

HA HA, I am more of an animator than a comic book artist. I think drawing comic panels is fun, but my passion lies in making characters move the way I want. The Comic Con comics were just a fun way to introduce my characters James and Lauren Sagoo, in which I hope to pitch to networks soon. When I go the the event, I try to find relevant pop culture costumes, toys, posters and have the Sagoo twins poke fun at them!

ST: What other kinds of artwork do you make? And in any special way?

JS: When I have free time, I like to do fan art, There is nothing more rewarding than taking your favorite cartoon, live action show, or video game and drawing it into your own style. I enjoy drawing on standard sketchbooks with pencil or ball point pen, but recently I have been using digital tools for my work. I animate in adobe Flash, and I enjoy using sketchbook pro on my iPad.

James Sugrue's drawings of silly heads

James Sugrue’s drawings of silly heads

ST: How did your creativity start to grow?  I can imagine you as a kid making sounds with your mouth and watching things come to life with your eyes!

JS: When I first saw “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and “Little Mermaid” as a kid, it inspired me to draw. Ha Ha, Watching a lot of Saturday morning cartoons and playing Super Mario Bros pushed me to start drawing in my parent’s phone book. My Papa would always send me drawings he did of Charles M. Schulz’s “Peanuts” and wrote “Hey, James! Can you draw this?”, and that was very inspiring to me.

ST: What is something you’ve recently seen or heard that has triggered a splash of inspiration?

JS: As each day passes, something new inspires me to draw an animate. It can be anything from a kid’s show, a video game, a fashion designer, or even the shows I work on at Titmouse!

Drawings by James Sugrue

Drawings by James Sugrue

ST: It’s great that you remind us that inspiration is everywhere!  Even under rocks :)  What kind of music do you listen to and does that effect the artwork?

JS: I love a lot of 80’s dance music, especially underground artist. It definitely motivates me! I feel the music I listen to and enjoy correlates very well with what I draw. I need to feel that rhythm!

ST: What are you up to now, besides dancing your day away?!  What is a day like with James Sugrue?

JS: I am still working at Titmouse in New York, but right now, I am working on some pitches for my own ideas that I hope to get out to the world.  Ha Ha,If you spend a day with me, you will hear a knowledge of Warner Bros animation and non stop impressions of celebrities and cartoon characters. Also, at the end of my work day, I like to cook my own dinners rather than ordering out. If you are someone out there who wants to pursue a career, you have to work real hard for it and have a strong passion for what you love to do!

ST: Thanks James for being the happy beat we will do the two-step to! Your positivity and creativity is very much appreciated!  Scribblers, have a look at http://jimgrue.blogspot.com to see more of drawings that will make you laugh and smile!

Adventure Time Tribute Complete

Adventure Time Tribute Complete by James Sugrue

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  1. Your passion and love for what you do shows in your art. Working real hard and having a strong passion for what you love to do definitely makes your creations happy and extraordinarily expressive!

    Comment by Chiefscribbler on January 28, 2014 at 11:55 am

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