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How do you see The False Mirror?

In honor of the great surrealist René Magritte Scribble Town has made an coloring sheet for you, Scribblers! Your own version of ‘The False Mirror’ will be unique and dreamy, just like you are.

While you are filling the eye with color perhaps you can ponder, why are there clouds in the eye?  Is it a reflection?  Or is it a cloudy eye?  What does that mean for you?

Download, print, then color in your own version of René Magritte's 'The False Eye'.

Download, print, then color in your own version of René Magritte’s ‘The False Mirror’.

If you happen to be in Brussels, Belgium, you can visit The Magritte Museum.  Inspiration everywhere!


We met some Creative Scribblers!

Hi Scribblers!

As we mentioned the other day, we participated in NYC Apple Day this past Sunday. We had a lot of fun and met many happy families as they joined us to craft at our table.

Though our crafts were Apple-themed, we had a few crafters join us who were extra creative! One young girl used the pipe cleaners we were using to make the “worms” for the apples, to make her own creative creatures and items.

She made a lion, a zebra and a pipe! Don’t they look great?!

Another creative crafter really liked monsters.

He used a brown paper bag from our Apple Lunch Bag craft to make a Monster Puppet!!

These kids were so creative! They came up with these ideas all on their own! Have you made any crafts of your own lately? Send us pictures via email or post them on our Facebook wall – we’d love to see what you’ve been up to!

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Posted by Andi Thea, on September 21st, 2011 at 5:49 pm. No Comments

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