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Have your work be exhibited in Finland!

In transit > <Käännöksessä is an exhibition at Bokvilla Gallery in Helsinki, Finland from March 1-31, 2017.

Translation is Dialogue invites you to submit artworks and short texts for an exhibition that celebrates Finnish Multilingual Month.

Your works will be translated by visitors to the exhibition, used to create more artworks and stories! You will be able to follow the translation of your pictures and words, to see how many different ways we can translate.  The call is open to all ages.

What to do?
Translate into a drawing and/or a short text of your interpretation of the theme, In transit or Käännöksessä. What comes to your mind when you think of In transit or Käännöksessä?

What to submit?
– Drawings (no bigger than A4)
– Short text (1-2 sentences)
– Please include your name, date, and place where it was made, on your entry.

Submission deadline: February 21, 2017

Mail artworks and stories directly to:
Arlene Tucker
Hämeentie 130 E
00560 Helsinki

Documentation of this will be posted on

Have Fun!

Please note Your artistic contributions will not be returned.

Arlene Tucker and Heather Connelly are artists, researchers and art educators based in Helsinki, Finland and Nottingham, UK, respectively. Their work explores translation, translatability, and what it means to translate.

Translation is Dialogue (TID), a multi-disciplinary art curation, is a project that builds a mobile platform where everyone is given the chance to create. Tucker establis hed TID in 2010. In transit > < Käännöksessä will be the 9th phase in the project. For more information, please email .


Learning with Translation is Dialogue

Andi Thea has done it again!  The creativity continues as she transforms her Wavos design into a coloring sheet for the fifth installation of Translation is Dialogue.

This time her work is reaching the people of Helsinki in far away Finland for the unKontained Translations show at Lasipalatsin aukio.  The kids from Little English Kindergarten in Kallio came to make art with us at the container space to bring alive their own color combinations for Andi’s ‘Wavos’ coloring sheet.  As we look at pictures, hear sounds, touch, smell, and taste we are actually having a conversation with our senses and communicating with the world!  It sounds funny, but don’t think too hard and just make whatever comes into your head!  The idea is to do and enjoy the process of making art.

Here’s something for you to try at home.  Look at this picture titled ‘Drifting’ created by Sari Toivola and draw what will happen next.

Will the girl in the picture swing so high in to the sky or will she jump into new lands or oceans?  What is she dreaming of?  I’d love to see what you think!  Please draw, sculpt, paint, or make a piece of music to however the story will continue.  You can email your art to me at  Looking forward to it!

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